Family Services

Family Intervention Restoration & Mentoring (FIRM)

This comprehensive “holistic” program is designed to assist families through a variety of services that address parenting skills, mentoring, families intervention and mediation Licensed trained professionals and clinician who do rigorous assessments, case management and follow-up on clients and their families working together to produce favorable long–term outcomes.

We partner with the Juvenile Courts of Knox County and Dr. Denise Jackson as the family mediator.

24-7 Dads

24-7 Dads is a nationally recognized curriculum for Men who are currently incarcerated, and those who have recently been released.  This program is essential for successful family unification and helps the non-custodial Father, parent successfully. We partner with Knox County detention center.

Need Family Support?


CONNECT Ministries has several programs that assist with family unification and parenting skill strategies. Contact us today at 865-851-8005

CONNECT Ministries believes in the family!

Join us by volunteering to mentor or support families in our community!

Family Services
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